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Dune Fans

The Sietch for All Things Dune

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Bringing you all the latest on the Dune fandom.
{welcome to dune fans}

Welcome to Dune Fans, a livejournal community dedicated to bringing you all the latest on anything Dune related. Here you will find information on the book series, the mini-series, the David Lynch version of the Dune novel, as well as the latest on the new Dune film adaption. Feel free to post anything Dune related. Graphics and fan fiction are acceptable, just no adult content, please. If you love Dune, please join the community!!

1. Post long entries behind a LJ cut.
2. Feel free to give a preview of your icons, and just leave the others behind a cut.
3. Please, rate fan fiction (G, PG, PG-13)
4. Be kind to others.
5. Talk about anything Dune related you wish!

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